Trail System


Map of Crooked Trails - We have many miles of picturesque, groomed trails on private lands, which are interconnected to hundreds of state snowmobile trails. To see the trail system - click the following link: Fond du Lac County Map.To zoom in closer on the map, change the percentage on the top of the page.To obtain a Fond du Lac County trail map, please stop in and patronize any one of the businesses in Dundee.


Club Groomer - Our club owns a Tucker Snow Cat Groomer pulling an 8í drag.We drag 10.9 miles of trail in both Fond du lac and Sheboygan County several times a week. In addition to our own trails, we hold a contract with the DNR to groom 21.12 miles of trails in the State Forest.


In 1999, we secured county funding for a portion of our trails in Fond du Lac County.We do not have any funded trails in Sheboygan County.While the funding helps, it in no way covers the full cost of the equipment, fuel, maintenance and insurance which is required to keep the trails safe, groomed and maintained.When you see our trail boxes in local businesses, please be generous.You can also support the club by attending our annual Corn Roast.Funds from these events supplement the grooming funding short fall received from Fond du lac county and the DNR.


Importance of our Landowners - We are very grateful to our local private landowners that allow the snowmobile trails to cross their property during the winter months.They are generous local folks who may or may not understand why we take to the trails while they watch us from their warm homes.They are people who care enough about others and their hobbies to allow our sport to exist.Why do they do it?Itís not for the money, since we cannot pay them for access to their property.Doing so would make the landowner liable for anything that happened on their property.However, when they sign over access to a strip of their property to our club, the club accepts the risk and buys the insurance.We do provide the landowners with token gifts, which we are allowed to do under the Wisconsin Snowmobile laws.


Hand Signals - When traveling as a group, it is recommended you give hand signals to the person behind you.Donít make sloppy signals and make sure the person behind you can see your signals.Use signals at all times when riding and stay a safe distance behind the snowmobile ahead of you.When you are making a turn, remember that at a blind corner the noise of your machine may prevent you from hearing another machine coming toward you.Approach turns carefully, always stay to the right on trails and slow down when passing skiers or snowshoers.View Hand Signals: Hand Signals. View Wisconsin DNR Laws: Wisconsin DNR Laws.†††††††